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What others say about Anywyse

Mohamed Baioumy

University of Oxford

Anywyse enables you to study while working out, cooking or enjoying the sun. Great concept!

Elisa den Ouden

University of Amsterdam

Anywyse helped me understand the material way quicker. It was fun to listen to and it helped me pass my courses!

Bram Posma

TU Delft

I've never thought that it would be possible to pass my exams by studying on the couch with my eyes closed!

How 2300+ students study with Anywyse

Save time

Listen to your university course distilled in bite-sized audio fragments - perfect for those with a busy schedule.

You can listen on the go while doing other things like commuting or exercising - saving time for studying when it matters most.

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Your personal tutor, anytime

It’s like having an academic coach with you at all times.

Someone who's had the same experiences as you. The same struggles. Someone who understands the difficulties.

You can get higher grades, less stress and better exam results with just 10 minutes of listening per fragment.

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Remember more

Both reading and watching will cost you unnecessary energy. With Anywyse you can just listen to a fragment for only 10 minutes about a difficult exam topic.

With the special audio learning formula you can be sure to remember more.

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Higher grades

You'll score higher grades by using Anywyse!

And yes, we are stand by our quality 100%. That means you will get your money back when you're not happy.

Pump up your grades and go find your course!

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Therefore you can now listen to a Wyser for free, and test some cool features like reading along with the text.

Just easily create an account in the course environment, and go to "Free example" to get started!

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About Anywyse

We're a community of geeks who love studying a bit too much ;) Or.. can you love it too much? Because we believe that learning something new is always fun!

Our mission is to destress students all around the world, starting in the Netherlands.

We believe that students should get the chance to spend their time more efficiently. The chance to be able to walk away from that computer screen, from the same posture behind that desk where you have been sitting all day.

We help students to be more productive, with less stress by providing audio study material and guidance.

Enabling students to study more efficiently, at a moment they like and a place they love. Whether it's in the park, in the gym, or while brushing your teeth: you get to set your own terms!

Want to join us? You can always send Julien an e-mail: or call him: +316 22 51 32 28. Would love to meet you! 🤩